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Living with Lions

Living with Lions is a research programme carried out on Borana that extends throughout Laikipia. All the lions on Borana including a resident pride of over 18 are followed and their movements and habits monitored by  Wilson ‘The Lion Man’. He patrols the ranch on his motorbike, keeping track of the prides’ movements, so as to prevent them from interfering with the cattle and their herdsman, who roam freely on the ranch. 

Wilson also monitors the collared lions when they move onto community land and warns livestock owners when they are in the neighbourhood. This gives herdsmen information on lion locations and movements and is the most important factor in avoiding predation of domestic stock. This is an ongoing programme and as the lions fragment to start new prides and coalitions we must add more collars to continue with the monitoring.

Until recently scientists believed that there were 100-200,000 lions living in Africa, but current information suggests that the number has dropped dramatically to approximately 30,000.