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Conservation Reports

We at Borana are intent on contributing to environmental projects within our area. One of our key objectives is the preservation (conservation) of this incredible continent, its wildlife, habitat and the people that share the land.
Over three generations, our family has dedicated extensive time, energy and finance to conservation. This has been achieved in a number different ways, many of which you will see whilst visiting Borana. We intend to continue contributing significantly to this and our focus is on the following needs:
  • Education
  • Poverty alleviation and employment
  • Health
  • Habitat management
  • Wildlife conservation
A large portion of all revenue generated though Borana goes towards achieving these commitments in order to secure the long-term future of Africa.

Conservation Report for 2013

2013 has been a year of great significance for Borana Conservancy. The introduction of 21 Black Rhino into the conservancy in late August has pushed the Borana’s profile to one of global significance, and is the last stepping-stone to the development of a huge 100,000-acre contiguous ecosystem with Lewa and the Ngare Ndare Forest.