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Community Engagment

A conservancy cannot only focus on the protection of land and wildlife itself, but also needs to acknowledge the relationship of the environment to its people, and the ever-increasing competition for vital resources - land, food, water - between an increased human population and wildlife populations that are struggling to survive and that we are striving to protect.
Managing the interaction between humans and wildlife is one of the core objectives of the conservancy - a harmonious balance needs to be maintained. There needs to be infrastructure, strategic fencing, the maintenance of roads, the upgrading of school facilities, access to medicine and healthcare, water distribution and efficient management of that resource. Advice on all rangeland management and access to certified and appropriate seed along with modern agricultural technology is also provided. Obviously this all takes time and investment, however slowly but surely we are demonstrating the positive effects of conserving wilderness, by allocating income that has been generated through Borana to community projects.