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Advisory Board

The Conservancy Advisory Board

The programmes and activities of the Borana Conservancy are shaped in part by our world-class Advisory Board. The Borana Advisory Board pulls together leading experts in the global conservation movement, to help provide the Borana Conservancy with proven and innovative solutions to our inter-related conservation challenges.

Dr. Delphine Malleret King studied Development Economics in France, and then carried out her postgraduate studies in Coastal Management in UK. Her PhD researched socio economic impacts of marine protected areas, from a food security perspective in the context of tropical reef fisheries. She has 18 years of experience as a Socio-economist and Professional Conservationist, based in Laikipia for the last 9 years. She has worked as a freelance consultant across Africa, specialising in Natural Resource Management, Marine and Terrestrial Conservation, Community Engagement and Socio-economic Impact Monitoring for local, national and international organisations. In 2014 she joined the Long Run Initiative, supporting the private sector to positively contribute to the global sustainability movement.

Fuzz Dyer, 51,is the second son of Rose and Tony, was instrumental in the founding of the Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary in 1983. His ability was to understand and realise Anna Mertz’s vision, which was to gather together all the rhinos left on their own in far-flung corners of Northern Kenya and have them co-existing in the one rhino sanctuary - thereby giving them the opportunity to breed.

This rhino sanctuary, which started as 5000 acres on the eastern edge of Lewa Downs has been transformed into the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, which gives refuge to over 100 rhino, both black and white. After seventeen years of living with and managing rhino on a daily basis, his knowledge and experience with rhino is enormous. He is now on the board of trustees for the Anna Mertz Foundation, which funds different rhino projects around the world, including the Borana Conservancy.

Michael Dyer, 53, is a third generation Kenyan and a practical environmentalist. He started managing Borana in 1984 when it was a traditional cattle and sheep ranch, but set about rehabilitating the ranch and adjacent wilderness to the pristine and viable eco-system that it is today. Working closely with the Craig family on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, he played an instrumental role in developing the award winning Il N’gwesi Group Ranch followed by the creation of Tassia on Lekerruki Group Ranch. These have been such huge conservation successes that have been replicated across Northern Kenya under the auspices of the Northern Rangeland Trust – Michael sits on the Council of Elders and on the Board. Board member of Ngare Ndare Forest Trust, Northern Rangelands Trading, and Lekerruki Conservation Trust.

Founder member and director of the Laikipia Wildlife Forum until 2011, this innovative and creative approach to wildlife and ecosystem management has seen year by year increases in landscape set aside for conservation and reductions in human-wildlife conflict through creative management of natural resources.

Michael and Nicky’s work in conservation and humanitarian issues was globally recognised when they won the Virgin Atlantic Responsible Tourism Award for Poverty Alleviation in 2007 and more recently Conservancy of the Year from the Ecotourism Society of Kenya. They have two sons – Llewellyn and Jack.


Dr. Jonathan Moss, 46, is Managing Director of Kisima Farm Limited and its subsidiary Zari Limited (Wilson Business Park). Director of sister companies, the Borana Conservancy and Suyian Ranch (livestock, wildlife conservation, tourism). With Kisima since 2005, but has also served as CEO of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and earlier as Executive Director of the Laikipia Wildlife Forum. Founding partner of Conservation Capital Limited and of the Conservation Management Group, which has significant conservation holdings in Mozambique. Founding Trustee of the Northern Rangelands Trust, serves as a Director of the Kisima Foundation, and on the Boards of the Nanyuki Cottage Hospital and St. Andrew’s School, Turi. Holds a BSc from the University of British Columbia, and both an MSc and a PhD (in Ecology) from Oxford University.


Dr. Chris Thouless is Head of WWF support programme to community conservancies in Namibia. Previously worked on reintroduction of Pere David’s deer to China, as manager of wildlife breeding centre in Saudi Arabia, leader of team studying elephant movements in northern Kenya, senior wildlife biologist for the Kalahari, Deputy Director of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, chief tourism advisor to Namibian government, and coordinator of reconstruction of Nairobi National Museum. Formerly director of Mara Conservancy and trustee of Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust. Currently chairman of group overseeing African Elephant Database. MA from Oxford University and PhD from Cambridge University. Awarded Queen’s Gallantry Medal in 1992. Co-author of revised editions of ‘Straight and Crooked Thinking’.


Craig Pattee is a long-time friend of the Dyer family and a partner of Agenda — an international public affairs firm based in Washington, DC. Craig's visits to Borana ingrained a deep appreciation for the critical challenge of habitat and species preservation — and the mission of the Borana Conservancy.

With a long background in politics and government in the US, Craig specializes in building partnerships between government, non-profit, and private sector interests. His firm provides assistance to a wide range of clients, including the US government, state and municipal agencies, and Fortune 100 companies. His passion is helping building broad national and international campaigns to build public support behind important causes.

Craig is also the CEO of one of the leading adventure-travel operators in the US, EpicQuest, bringing guests to East Africa and around the world. Craig is married with two young children, living in Washington DC and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.