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Fly-fishing on Mt Kenya with Finlay Marrian

6.30am: Morning wake up call- hot coffee and homemade biscuits in bed to prepare ourselves for the big day ahead!

7am: Set off for the Ragati River located on the foothills of Mount Kenya meandering past local villages and stunning cedar forests.

10am: Flies on the line and machetes at the ready, we made our way down through the wild forest spotting Sacred Ibis and the rare Hartlaub's Turaco.

10.30am: After bird watching we made it down to the river where we started the days fishing. The first brown trout was whipped out within 5 minutes of starting and shortly after that we spotted an otter swimming in the same pool! We fished in crystal clear pools and stunning waterfalls overhanging with the canopy. This made for a technically challenging fish, however there were two fantastic gillies to guide us up the river and help with the occasional fumbling cast.

12.30am: Stomachs rumbling we started to make our way back up to camp where we feasted on a delicious picnic lunch that our head chef Bernard had prepared for us back at the Lodge.

1pm: Re-energised we decided that having fished the lower pools of the river we should make our way up stream to try our luck.

1.30pm: Wading up the river we found an amazing open pool where we were able to cast our lines far down stream. After a few casts we landed our fly in a nice shaded area by some weeds where the gilly was sure there would be a nice brown trout chilling in the shade out of the midday sun. Sure enough we were rewarded as we gently pulled our line in we felt the strike of a heavy 2lbs trout, what a treat!

4pm: We continued fishing for the rest of the afternoon, finishing up with a total catch of eleven, keeping three for the pot. It was a fantastic day's fishing and we drove back with plenty of tales, very much looking forward to our next visit and even more so for our trout dinner!