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Ranch Days

Borana is not just a game sanctuary it is also a working ranch. Borana Ranch has more than 2000 head of cattle. The cattle are kept for beef production, but we also have our own dairy herd for ranch consumption. The cattle are primarily of the 'Boran' breed, which has a good ability to withstand droughts and pests.

Many guests appreciate the opportunity to get a first-hand experience of a working African ranch and rate the experience as interesting as our game safaris.

Michael Dyer – who runs the ranch – is happy to take guests on his rounds. He shows guests the challenge of ranching in these hostile conditions – elephants in the vegetable patch, lions in the cattle bomas, flood, drought, famine.

After a day on the ranch guests truly understand why Borana is the place where cattle sleep with one eye open!

This has been a most wonderful experience on safari in my three visits. I will certainly be back to ride those horses. I will recommend Borana to anyone I know coming to Kenya. Your special attention to detail and comfort was impeccable.

Ginny Layden, Richmond BC, Canada